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Achieving A Healthy pH For Optimal Healing and Performance

Optimal pH: Healing and Performance

Normal and healthy blood pH is slightly alkaline at between 7.3 – 7.4, with the first morning urine measuring between 6.4 and 7.0. When the urine or saliva pH falls and stays in the acidic range (below 6.0), this reflects an overall acidic pH and the body does not heal properly, leading to injuries, pain, anxiety, depression, infection, and a host of other illnesses.

When you are chronically acidic:

  1. You leach minerals from the bone to buffer the acidic blood, leading to osteopenia / osteoporosis, bone spurs, soft tissue and joint disorders.
  2. You are more susceptible to heavy metal toxicity. Calcium lines the brush border cells of the gut to prevent absorption of heavy metals. Also, when you are acidic, you have lower levels of minerals available, free radicals increase, causing damage to the mitochondrial DNA.
  3. You have a lowered immune response. Bacteria and viruses flourish in an acidic environment, leading to chronic illness such as autoimmune issues and cancers.
  4. The cells of the body do not detox efficiently, leading to slow healing, slow recovery from exercise, chronic injury and degenerative disease.

There are three main organ and glands which MUST be functioning properly in order to maintain an optimal pH.

Kidneys – Regulate pH, blood pressure, salt and potassium levels, D3 for calcium utilization.  Exposure to environmental toxins, viral, bacterial or fungal infections, over the counter or prescription medications, and low back or tailbone injuries can suppress the function of the kidneys.

Parathyroid Gland – Maintains body’s calcium levels and thyroid function.  Exposure to pesticides, heavy metals, and radiation from x-rays or from cell phones, WiFi and other wireless technologies can damage the parathyroid gland and suppress its function.

Digestive System (Stomach, Large and Small Intestines) – Proper absorption of minerals and vitamins. The stomach MUST be acidic so the body can be alkaline!!  Acid reducing medications, chronic stress and age can be contributing factors in hypochlorhydria or low stomach acid.

Optimizing the function of these three organs / glands can make it much easier for the body to maintain a healthy pH, promote healing and healthy tissue and bone repair, ultimately increasing performance and overall health.

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A Few Secrets for Maintaining Good Health

Optimize Digestion and Balance pH Levels

As we age, or consume a high amount of cooked or processed foods, our digestion becomes sluggish.  Many people are misdiagnosed as having acid reflux and given an acid inhibitor drug to fix the problem.  The truth is that belching, indigestion, and acid reflux symptoms are a sign that there is too little acid and too few digestive enzymes in the stomach to properly digest food.  When our digestion is poor we are also unable to properly assimilate key nutrients that keep our pH in the optimal alkaline range and repair bone and soft tissue.  This is important for everyone, but especially for women, because if the blood pH levels are too acidic, the body will ‘steal’ minerals from the bones to buffer the acidic blood, leading to osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Proper supplementation and healthy eating habits can reverse this process.  Digestive health and alkaline pH levels are the keys to anti-aging and longevity.


Remove Hidden Infections

Hidden infections, including parasites, can live undetected in the body for years.  Symptoms can include fatigue, brain fog, memory problems, tumors, fibroids, auto-immune diseases, and cancer.  It is top priority to remove these ‘root causes’ of degenerative disease by removing the infection.  Until the infection is removed, the end result of degenerative disease or cancer will continue to return.  Through QRA, hidden infections can be found and eliminated with natural herbs and nutrients.


Balance Hormone Levels

A healthy endocrine system supports whole body health as well as optimal mood and energy levels.  Supporting the hormone system assures a healthy aging process free of uncomfortable symptoms…for both men and women.


Detoxify the Body

We acquire toxins in our every day lives, no matter how carefully we try to avoid exposure.  Toxins from our water, foods, beauty products, and environment can suppress the normal function of the organs and glands.  Their functions cannot be restored for the long term without removing the toxins themselves.  Removing toxins is easy to do, and can be maintained by understanding what foods and types of water are best for us.


Healthy Fats

Dietary fats are important for healthy DNA and cell formation.  Healthy fats such as Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Organic Grass Fed Butter give the body high quality construction materials to build cell walls that have ‘high fluidity’ and resist the penetration of viruses and bacteria.  Inferior oils to be avoided include: Canola, Soybean, Corn and other vegetable oils.  Also, never cook at high heat with Olive Oil, as it easily oxidizes when exposed to heat.  Consuming any oxidized oil can damage the cells of the body, causing inflammation and disease.


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